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For our first topic, we will write an example that incorporates all we have spent time discussing these past weeks. 

An example begins with a general statement based on an opinion, a piece of advice, an observation to share. The then defends the statement  using anecdotal evidence and support for your statement. 

Essentially, you are wagering an argument for a point and giving your own evidence.

There will be a scaffolding exercise to help you complete this. 

Listed below are some topics to consider. You do not have to do one of these; they are just suggestions. 

1. Think about things you know a lot about and have strong opinions about that you want to share. Explain why you hold this opinion. 

2. I am an expert on _____. People should believe me when I tell them ….

3. Name some generalization that may be true or not true and explain why it is. 

4. Name a stereotype that may be true or not true and explain why it is. 

5. Consider habits people have that are bad and reasons people give for partaking of the bad habit. 

6. Think of things that just get on your nerves and explain how and why these things get on your nerves. 

7. Are computers taking over the world?

8. Should certain COVID-19 measures stay in place? 

9. We lived through a pandemic. What were some stupid things people did? 

10. Is rudeness a character trait in today’s society? 

11. What are things people do that are extremely inappropriate today? (i.e. Talking on the cell phone while at the checkout.)

12. Is social media good or bad for society? 

13. Are some people’s phones smarter than them? 

14. In 1988, the Fresh Prince said, “Parents just don’t understand.” Name three things about your life that your parents (or people older than you) don’t understand. 

15. If you’re over 35 or have teenage kids, list three things about your life that kids just don’t understand. 

16. In the last 21 years, a lot of things have changed in the world. Think of three things that have changed and consider whether the change was for the better or worst. 

17. A commercial for electric cars features an actor saying, “My child will never know a word without electric cars.” List things in the world that have marked great change, yet some children will never know a world without that change. (Think smart phones, streaming services, and that an African-American can be President of the United States.)

18. Explain at least three things from your childhood that have become obscure that you miss. 

19. Humor has changed a lot and some don’t get it. Explain something that is considered funny that some people don’t get. (Why are poop emojis funny? Why are the Three Stooges funny?)

20. We live in a “cancel culture.” What three things would you like to cancel? 


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