essay rhetorical analysis 1

in this HM you have to read the story FIRST and then write an essay and following the explanation that I will add:

The essay will about this story : American Horse by Louise Erdrish

The link of the Story :

Louise Erdrich’s “American Horse” looks at the removal of children from Native families. Describe what you know of child removal, adoptions, state violence to families.

Begin with an experience from your own life or someone you know that relates in some way to a theme in the story, then transition to a thoughtful analysis of the text with quotes and explanation. Finally conclude with reference both to your experience and the author’s main purpose in the story with brief research on current research on the issue, which allows you to come to some final insights about the issues the work addresses. The cover page and the references page are not counted as pages!


Please use quotations “..” and put number of the page from the story that i sent !!

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