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Watch the following video of 2:27 minutes 


and respond to the questions below in 250 words; in order to help you explore this sometimes-insidious (but very common) concept.

  • Based on information presented in the video, how would you define implicit bias? How does the analogy of peanut butter and jelly help us to better understand exactly what implicit bias is and how it works?
  • What are some of the influences or experiences in our lives that might cause us to create implicit biases about groups of people, places, etc.?
  • Aside from the example provided in the video (that media often associates black men with violent crime), can you think of another unfair or biased association created through experiences, media, or any other influences?
  • Explain the difference that the video makes between having implicit bias and being racist. Why do you think that this distinction is important to understand when exploring implicit bias? In other words, what could be the danger of confusing racism and implicit bias?
  • Finally, what is the “blind spot bias”? How do you think that people could work to combat both the blind spot and implicit biases? As always, provide concrete examples.

Please upload a pdf in MLA format answering all questions. (including title and subtitles.)

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