Education week 2 assignment (cooper)


Select  a five minute video of preschool children to use for this project. You  can choose any video that you find interesting. It is suggested that you  start by going to YouTube and type in search phrases such as preschool children or preschool aged children at play.  Finding the videos is your responsibility. I realize not every video  will work perfectly for this project. Find one that is close. For any  items not observed, write N/A on the observation chart.

Include the video link 

I. Title Page

II. Body

  • Introduction/Overview 
  • Observations of Children (describe with details what you observed in terms of cognitive and socio-emotional development of one target child)
  • Analysis of Observations –  analyze what you observed…in other words, compare your observations  to the readings/theories, etc. and specifically explain what you think  about the target child’s cognitive and socio-emotional development and  why
  • Analysis of Observation Tool  – explain the advantages and disadvantages of using a specific  observation tool to observe a child (e.g., the observation checklist you  used for this assignment). Discuss whether the tool/chart helped you be  a better and more focused observer.
  • Reflection –  reflect about using a structured observation tool (e.g., chart) and  reflect about what you learned from observing a child in a focused  manner.
  • Conclusion  – summarize with a few points and provide a couple of examples of how  you could use this kind of observation in a current or future job. 

III.  Reference Page – make sure to include full, complete reference  information including the video link for the video you used for the  observation. You must have related in-text citations to credit  information that align to your reference list (APA). 

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