Draft 3 | Computer Science homework help

Submit Draft 3 of your technical report here.

Include a revised or current outline (most outlines which have been submitted so far need revision) at the beginning of your document and begin the draft of the report on a new page.  At the end of the draft include all references you have found related to your topic.

You need to find articles from professional journals to include in your paper.  You must have some professional journal articles; the best option would be to have half or more of the articles from professional journals.  A 10 page single spaced paper needs 10 or more references.

For this draft and all following drafts, include a tentative title and below the title include  the following: Your name, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems 

Convert all URLs/references to APA format and include the URL at the end of each reference.  References go at the end of the paper.

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