Discussion wk: 2, crj 320: criminal investigation and hum 111:

 Week 2 Discussion:

CRJ 320: Criminal Investigation

“Have I Record Everything I Was Supposed to?”  Please respond to the following:

  • Per the text, effective criminal investigators take notes of not only detailed information about the crime but generalized information that may or may not be relevant to the crime they are investigating. Refer to figure 2.15 “Recreation of a homicide shooting” in Chapter 2 of the textbook and determine the information (important and generalized) that you would take for your crime investigation report. Be sure to classify each piece of information as being either important or generalized. Provide a rationale for your chosen pieces of information and the classification to which you identified them.
  • Citizen online crime reporting has become popular in recent years but it has generated some speculation on its validity. Interpret your thoughts on the validity of self-reporting by citizens, and explain the main reasons why some people question the validity of citizen online crime reporting.

Imagine yourself as an Officer and you receive a phone call from a concerned mother who has not seen or heard from her son in about three weeks. Dispatch:

  ” Can any units respond to 1234 Strayer Avenue in reference to a welfare check. Mother caller reports she has not seen or heard from her son in three weeks.”

  •   As you arrive you notice a car in the front driveway that comes back to a Charlie Strayer, what do you do next

 Week 2 Discussion – “Ancient Greece and Athletics”COLLAPSEOverall Rating:

“Ancient Greece and Athletics” Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:

  • Describe the ancient Greek competitive character, and compare the ancient Olympics (as a festival featuring athletics) to the Olympics today, identifying any major differences. Explain what the Olympic rules regarding females and evidence, such as the “running girl” artifact, reveal about female status and Greek athletics in particular Greek city-states.


Ancient Greek Athletics and Female Status

Week 2 Discussion Template: Please copy, fill in with your own research and words: 

Hello Class and Dr. C, here is my main Discussion Post for Week 2:

The Competitive Character of the Ancient Greeks

· Why do you think the competitive nature of the Greeks was so important for their success as a people and culture?

· What are some of the advantages of being very competitive?

· Greece was very small compared to all her neighbors (like Persia and Egypt) so why was being competitive a big advantage for Greece?

The Ancient Olympics vs The Modern Olympics

· Talk about the fact that Greek male athletes competed nude versus today (imagine how that would play out with modern television, lol)

· Discuss the sheer scope of the modern games with so many nations versus the smaller number of Greek cities

· Are the Olympics today more about ‘the athletes’ or the ‘nations’?

Women in the Olympic Games

· Check out page 116 for information on did women watch the games? Did they participate?

Women’s roles in Greek society

· After looking at the role women played in both watching and participating in the Olympic Games, what do think the role of women was in Greek society? Were they valued? Did they have a voice in society?


Please if you bid on this discussion please follow instructions, Ref, no plag and do the research. This is a discussion so there is no word amount or lines. So just a well informed response to both questions please.

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