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1. Based on the database you are developing for your data management project ( Car Rental MySQL Database) , please describe the transaction types that will be used to update your database. For instance, for a dinner social club database, there would be transactions to add, update, and delete the dates and times for dinner club events, transactions to add, update, and delete dinner club members, and transactions associated with members paying for club events. Indicate who would be authorized to run each of those different transactions (e.g., the club administrators, the club members, the dinner caterers, etc.) and what technique(s) you would use in the DBMS to tune the performance of the database. In addition, please describe the backup and recovery plan for the database and indicate how often and what type(s) of database backup you are planning based on the business requirements for the data. Please note the difference between the recovery of individual transactions and the recovery of an entire database

2. Before completing your data management draft project ( Car Rental MySQL Database) , please describe the hardware environment for the database you are designing. Will the database be centralized or distributed? Will you use cloud computing or private servers? What vendor technology do you plan to use for the DBMS software and the database hardware. Describe the factors, such as performance, cost, and security, you considered for choosing the hardware environment. How does your choice of hardware environment fit with or change the backup plan you submitted on the week 5 discussion board?

3. Find a case study on data mining. Identify the following information:

1. Describe the data mining case and the data mining technique used.

2. Explain whether current or historical data is being used for the data mining.

3. Describe the outcomes the data mining identified, including any advantages or disadvantages of the technique used.

4. Include a web link (URL) for the data mining example that you found.

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