discussion 6 capstone


For this module, please read the following:

1. Completed Project Thesis

2. Guidelines for Competency Development Selection

As you read, pay special attention to the following topics:

1. Section four of the Project Thesis – Career Development Plan. This section offers specific information about your career goals and how you see yourself achieving those goals

2. The Guidelines for Competency Development Selection can offer some recommendations for deciding what competencies to target for development, but it is only a partial list of suggestions.


For module 6, please discuss the following:

  1. What you determine to be the major theme of Module Six;
  2. What lessons you learned from this section; and
  3. How you would apply these lessons to your work.
  4. Please also react to one other student’s critique. Your assignment is limited to one page.

140 – 175 Words


My classmate Discussion.

Module six stresses selecting specific domains and leadership competencies based on our individual 4 part thesis project especially taking a deep dive into part four. At this point we have identified, projected, outlined and planned our career goals for improving certain domains for the future and are on the path of following our individual road maps. I personally am going to work on improving my knowledge base on emotional intelligence and looking at spirituality and the topic of natural religion. We discussed this last week in class with my power point presentation and on our discussion of the topic spirituality and natural religion. I believe by focusing on these two areas I will be better equipped to achieve my goals of becoming a better healthcare leader.

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