critical thinking assessing relevance amp adequacy

I would like to continue offering students chances to provide reasons for their beliefs — in this chapter, we can practice the ‘appeal to authority’ since that’s a major part of Ch. 7 and 8. “An appeal to authority is relevant whenever the following two conditions are met: (1) we lack information or experience that is needed to make a reasonable decision, and it is difficult or impossible on the matter in question to obtain it directly for ourselves; and (2) the authority appealed to is entitled to authoritative status” (§7.3 ¶3)… When you decide appealing to an authority is relevant for your belief, there are five criteria that you should use to determine whether the authority is adequate(§8.2) … For your discussion post, think of a belief that you endorse for which an appeal to authority would be relevant (using the two criteria above). Then talk about what kind of authority you could appeal to online or in person (using the five criteria in §8.2).

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