Creating an evaluation instrument for cultural relevance in the

In this discussion, you will apply your knowledge of culturally relevant pedagogy to the development of an evaluation instrument that could be used to examine the degree to which a specific place-based experience implements culturally relevant strategies. You will test your instrument as you evaluate a lesson that addresses an interesting “place-based approach” to instruction. Please review this week’s Instructor Guidance for detailed assistance on preparing for and completing this discussion.


Initial Post: This discussion requires you to construct a single document consisting of four parts. Based on your knowledge of cultural relevancy, develop a basic evaluation instrument that you could use to determine the degree to which an instructional experience incorporates culturally relevant pedagogical principles. Structure your evaluation instrument as a series of five to seven questions, in which each question includes three levels of criteria from which to select. Once you develop your instrument, use it to evaluate one of the place-based lesson “stories” shared on Finally, using the same document complete with data (evidence) from your evaluation of the place-based lesson story, summarize how well you think your selected place-based experience addresses cultural relevance. In addition, describe the characteristics in your instrument that specifically addresses the components of place-based education and cultural relevance presented on the Promises of Place website.



Reflect on the readings for this week, including the video overview of culturally relevant pedagogy (Tolerance.Org, 2010), and the Irvine (2009) Relevant: Beyond the Basics article from this week’s required resources list.


The four-part document should include the following components:


  1. Evaluation instrument (five to seven questions and three levels of criteria).
  2. Evaluation results (use your instrument to evaluate a selected place-based lesson “story”).
  3. Analysis of selected place-based experience regarding cultural relevance.
  4. Analysis of evaluation instrument regarding place-based education components and cultural relevance.


Does not need to be APA Format 


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