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What I need from you is to reply on a The article on the summarization of the article with the Pacific concepts the concept is sexual harassment for the attachment Number 1 you will find the post that I need you to reply too. And also I will provide you with the link for the news clip and for the attachment number 2 I have taken pictures of Three posts and three replies each of them had on reply so we can get a better example of an idea of what I reply should be like it shouldn’t be very long but should be from 6 to 8 sentences. And for the attachment number 3 there there are a schedule for grading the reply post so I need you to take I’ll look at it so you know how you will be graded on. Now I will give you the details of how to do a post reply to someone it starts from part two

part2 Details: Partially Analyze Someone Else’s Posted News Story

Use one or two class concepts to analyze a small portion of someone else’s posted news story.

  • Reply to someone else’s posted news story.
    • At the top of your reply mention the class-concept(s) you are going to use in your analysis and define them!
      • Use a You MAY NOT use general concepts like “ethics” or “global business”. Instead, use more specific concepts or theories (e.g., fairness in the workplace, trade inhibitors, etc).
      • Pick ONE instance, action, or situation WITHIN the story and write 3-5 sentences analyzing how your chosen class concept(s) can be used to explain what is going on.
  • Your analysis must have the following:
    • The concept(s) you use must be related to the topic of the discussion.
  • Your Part 2 must be ORIGINAL TO THE THREAD – A thread includes all posts replying to a posted article.
    • This means you may not post about the same class concept as someone else in the same news story– although you MAY use the same concept to analyze some other situation in someone else’s posted news story!

Please see the rubric (posted with the discussion on Canvas) for more information, and let me know if you have any questions.

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