Chapter 9-10 discussion | Psychology homework help

Answer one of the discussion questions below in your post. Use APA-style citations. Must be at least 250 words.

Intergenerational Solidarity. As families change through time, their relationships change as well (see the 6 relationship dimensions in Figure 9.10).  Think of an intergenerational family you know and describe how there have been shifts (or continuity) in the prominence of these relationship dimensions. Based on studies in this chapter, what should be emphasized to promote optimal ties, going forward? 

Best Friends Forever.  Think about one of your longest-term and most important friendships during your adulthood.  How does it fit with the concepts discussed in this chapter?  How can its success or demise be explained in these terms? Give some specific examples.

“It’s Just a Job.”   You have probably heard this phrase often or even repeated it yourself.  Yet work is a major focus of adult life from the 20s through retirement and beyond. Using yourself or someone else you know as a case, apply concepts from the theories and research on vocational psychology and vocational satisfaction to identify what is going well and what might need to change.

“I’m Just Stressed.”  This is another phrase you have probably heard often. What does research indicate about how work and other roles (such as family roles) interact to create positive, happy states, or negative/stressed ones? Think about how factors such as affective (emotional) events on the job, self-determination and motivation, person-environment correspondence, or intrinsic and extrinsic factors might contribute to your satisfaction with life.

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