career research resume cover letter and job interview

PLEASE RESPOND THESE 4 QUESTIONS 1- career research, 2- write a resume, 3- write a cover letter, 4- write 10 questions and answers simulating a job interview.

1) Career Research (500 words) and post two sources used. I need an explanation of this career (Behavior Analyst BCBA), how long it is going to take studying Psychology in “X” University and then studying a master on Behavior Analysis in “y” university, after my current 2 years in a community college. Explain what is the field about. Also, the growth that is expected with that career, salary, where can I do internships, etc. (Please focus this research in Florida, universities, salary etc)

2) Write a Resume (1 page), dated on the year I finished studying the master degree (depending how many years the career research on question number 1 says it is going to take) (It shouldn’t be before 2023).

– It should have the objective (obtain a position as BCBA in “Z” company ……..)

– So, write three references (only name, phone number) (make up this and I will change it later)

– Skills, education (same wrote on the career research), abilities.

– Include internships on related companies, hospitals or educational centers.

3) Write a Cover Letter (no more than 1/2 of the page). Date the cover letter with the same date as the resume. Describe here personal qualities, why I will fit into the culture of the company, thank for the opportunity and for reading the cover letter, compare your values with the values of the company, why you would be good for that job, etc. (It should match with the objective you wrote in the Resume)

4) Write five personal and five field-related questions and answers (answers no more than 3 sentences, but give details) simulating a job interview for the job you are applying for (it should be a job of BCBA) Examples of questions: What is something that you can teach me?, What is one of your weaknesses?, Why should be hire you? Why would you really want this job? etc.

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