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A.Title page: Your name, ZID Number, Course and Section information, date that

you are submitting your written work.This information must be centered in

the middle of your first page.

If you want to give your paper a title, just call it “DeKalb County IPLAN versus

_______County IPLAN:A Comparison/Contrast”.

B.Written Content:You will have 5 sections to your paper.Each section will be written out as

follows.Each of these will be used as a heading for the written section which follows.

  • Organizational Capacity Assessment
  • Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Community Health Plan (focusing on a minimum of three priority health problems).
  • Accessibility, Availability, Acceptability of the IPLAN
  • Reliability and Validity of Data Set Information

C.What to Cover in Each Section.

1. Start each section with a definition of what you will be discussing in that section.

Definitions of the first three sections can be found in “What Is An IPLAN”, under

Course Information.For your discussion of the last two items in the list above,

Just answer the questions that the sections show on the “Checklist”.

2. Go to the PowerPoint, “What Is An IPLAN” (Course Information) and look over the

Information to find criteria for the first three (1-3) sections.Provide two examples

that the County IPLAN you’re writing about conforms to these criteria (you can

discuss all three sections together).Remember—just the first three sections.

3. For each of the five (including the last two sections) sections, show how each of the five

reflect Kettner’s logic analysis (see page 6 of Kettner) for your County ONLY.

4. Compare your County’s IPLAN to the DeKalb County IPLAN for each of the five planning elements listed above.

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