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Churchill, G., Brown T., & Suter, T. (2010).  Basic marketing research (7th ed.).  Mason: Thomson South-Western. Chapter 21


Directions:  Answer all of the questions completely and thoroughly using the information you learned in the module and outside research as support for your answers.  Cite any and all references and sources you utilized. Each answer should be at least one to two substantial paragraphs in length.


Note: Please visit the Academic Resource Center for concise APA guidelines.


1.      It should be clear from your reading of this chapter that a professional marketing researcher must possess a well-developed ability to write effectively. Many colleges and universities offer a variety of programs designed to help students develop their writing skills. These programs may take a variety of forms, such as writing labs, special seminars, word processing tutorials, one-on-one writing tutors, and regular written communication classes.  Prepare a one-page research report of the resources available at Allied American University that can be used to enhance written communication skills. Assume that your report will be furnished to incoming first-year students as part of their orientation materials.


2.      The owner of a medium-sized home-building center specializing in custom-designed and do-it-yourself bathroom supplies requested the Liska and Leigh Consulting Firm to prepare a report on the customer profile of the bathroom design segment of the home-improvement market. Evaluate the following excerpts from the report. What questions and/or criticisms could be raised?

Research Report Excerpts

The customer market for the company can be defined as the do-it-yourself and bathroom design segments. A brief profile of each follows.

The do-it-yourself (DIY) market consists of individuals in the 25-45 age group living in a single dwelling. DIY customers are predominantly male, although an increasing number of females are becoming active DIY customers. The typical DIY customer has an income in excess of $20,000, and the median income is $29,100 with a standard deviation of 86. The DIY customer has an increasing amount of leisure time, is strongly value- and convenience-conscious, and displays an increasing desire for self-gratification. 

The mean age of the custom bathroom design segment is 41.26, and the annual income is in the range of $55,000 to $65,000. The median income is $59,000 with a standard deviation of 73. The custom bathroom design customers usually live in a single dwelling.  The wife is more influential and is the prime decision maker about bathroom designs.


3.      Discuss the difference between conclusions and recommendations in research reports.


4.      Describe the information that should be contained in the executive summary and discuss why this is the most important part of the research paper.


5.      In presenting a report to a group of grocery store managers, a researcher stated the following:  “The data from the judgment sample of 10 grocery stores were analyzed and the results show that the 95% confidence interval for average annual sales in the population of grocery stores if $1,000,000 +/- $150,000.”

(a) As far as the audience is concerned, what is wrong with this statement?

(b) Rewrite the statement. Be sure to include all the relevant information while correcting the problem. 


6.   Most universities and colleges offer a variety of computer graphics software for students to use in campus microcomputer labs. Investigate the availability of graphics software available to you at Allied American University. Prepare a report outlining your findings. Be sure to include the following information for each available package:

(a) Name of package and basic capabilities

(b) Location(s) of access points

(c) Name of contact person for further information

(d) Any special skills required for use and availability of training if needed

(e) Access fees or requirements (if any)

(f) Any other important information a person looking for this type of resource should know

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