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You will be gathering and reporting information on three public companies in the same industry. As in the first discussion assignment, DO NOT CHOOSE a company in the Financial Sector such as a bank (commercial or investment). For financial information, you will be using When you get to the website, you can input a company’s name or the stock symbol to get to the company page. It is okay to use the same two companies that you used in Assignment #1 but you need to add another company in the same industry. 1. For each of the three companies, you are to collect the following and make one table for all three companies (all can be found by clicking on the Statistics once you are on a company page: a) Beta b) Dividend Yield (Use 5-year average Dividend Yield) You do not have to calculate it. It is reported on the Statistics page. c) P/E ratio (Trailing) [So none of the above have to be calculated] 2. Make sure to identify the industry in which the company operates. The industry is NOT the same as the sector. On the company Summary page, you can find the industry on the right side low on the page. 3. Write approximately 1 pages on how all three companies’ measures compare to each competitor. This will include the meaning of each measure. For example, if a company has a beta of 0.60, it means that when the average market return has moved up 1%, the company stock’s return moved up only 60% of 1%. Likewise, if the overall market moved down 1%, the company stock’s return moved down only 60% of the way. It is less volatile than the average stock in the market. Likewise for each company’s dividend yield and P/E ratio, include a discussion of its meaning and comparison.

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