Assignment 4-1 | Education homework help

Text:     The Law of Higher Education (Kaplin & Lee) 


Read Sections:    5.1  The Interplay of Statues, Regulations, and Constitutional Protections

                                5.2  Sources of Law  (5.2.1 – 5.2.8)

Make sure the answers to the questions listed below are incorporated in paragraph form (not question & answer form) into your document:

  • What is the EEOC and what purpose and function does it serve?
  • What laws are enforced by the EEOC?
  • How does an employee with allegations of wrongdoing, based on laws in place that are enforced by the EEOC, file a complaint to the EEOC?
  • What is the EEOC’s step-by-step process to address allegations? Include not only what the EEOC does, but also how the EEOC includes the employee (one making the allegation) and the employer (one against whom the allegations are made) in its process.
  • Can the EEOC force cooperation in its investigations?
  • Can/Does the EEOC initiate litigation on the basis of charges filed with the Commission?
  • Does termination of the EEOC process limit and/or end the employee’s (one making the allegation) options to seek other legal means of addressing the allegation?
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