apa style reference writing

Below I have written the necessary information for several different authors’ works needed to create a reference list. Your job is to create a reference page following APA formatting standards. Each is worth 5 points. I would like for you to type the reference page on your own paper. Use the word Reference as the title for the page (center the word). Use 12-point font Times New Roman, remember to double space and use the appropriate indentations.

1. Liqiang Huang, Anne Treisman, and Harold Pashler wrote an article for the journal Science titled “Characterizing the Limits of Human Visual Awareness.” Their article appeared in volume number 317, which was released in August of 2001. The article starts on page 823 and ends on page 825.

2. “The Ethics of Animal Research” is a book chapter written by Joshua Strong. The chapter appears in the book Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Psychological Issues, 14th edition which was released in 1995 by the publisher Wiley, in Chicago. The editor is B. Slife and the chapter lasts 7 pages starting on page 54.

3. In the journal Psychological Review, I found an article called “Boolean map theory of visual attention,” by Liqiang Huang and Harold Pashler. The article came out in the July 2007 issue, volume number 114, and spans the pages 599 to 631.

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