Apa format schizophrenia | Nursing homework help

Mental Health Research Paper –

Student will be provided a Psychiatric/Mental health disorder that they might have encountered or will encounter in nursing practice. Student will write a five (5)-page paper (not including reference or title page) with at least 4 references from a credible source in APA format. Please use LIRN platform for your research. Paper and presentation must include the require elements presented below. 


Required elements        Points 

Introduction with a full description of the disorder                                         15

(including DSM V criteria and ICD 10 code)       

Cultural Component/History & Background                                                      15

Epidemiology/ Prevalence/Prognosis of the Disorder                                     10

(must include some statistics)                                                                     

Clinical features/ manifestations                                                                         10 

Sub-types of the Disorder / Differential Diagnosis                               10 

Treatment Approaches                                                                                          10

Patient and Family teaching       10

Conclusion/ Summary                      10

Cites four (4) APA format references (at least 5 years old)                             10  

TOTAL                                                   100

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