answer these questions as an essay with150 words

After you have read the above assignments (from Easton, critique of Steve Goreham, “Conversion of a Climate Change Skeptic,” and the latest report on the climate from the government), participate in this discussion. The Easton book pairs the Goreham article with the IPCC’s fifth annual report. I’ve given you an even more recent report from the government. I’ve also given you a critique of Goreham as well as an op ed by a scientist/converted climate change skeptic. I’ve modified the questions that Easton suggested for guiding critical thinking and reflection:

1. Does one’s stance on global warming depend on one’s source of funding? (Easton talks about this in the introduction to the topic. It’s also fun to poke around online to see what you can learn about the Heartland Institute.)

2. Why do some people deny the weight of scientific evidence on matters of social importance (not just global warming)?

3. The government report uses more recent data and the data Steve Goreham criticized. Does this affect the believability of the two sides?

4. Do you think anthropogenic, that is, man-made climate change is real and dangerous?

5. write your opinion about these topics with two quotes from the materials.

Your response should be an essay of at least 150 words. BE SURE TO REFERENCE CONCEPTS AND SPECIFICS FROM THE READINGS

links of the articles

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