Analytical assignment #2 | History homework help

 organization— use the following paragraphs:

  1. Introduction. What key points or themes were raised in the assigned readings? One paragraph in length.
  2. Details and analysis of assigned article one with page citations, two paragraphs.
  3. Details and analysis of article two with page citations, two paragraphs.
  4. Conclusion. Summarize key points and provide details from the assigned video clip, how does it connect to readings. Here is what I learned from reading these articles.
  5. Why is this information important?
  6. Was any of the information new to you, has it made you think differently, etc.? One paragraph in length.

Here are the links to the articles:

 Brief History Indigenous Peoples West Africa

 A Brief History of the Indigenous Peoples of West Africa | Cultural Survival 

 Indigenous Peoples in Africa 

 Microsoft Word – Fact Sheet_Africa_ FINAL.doc ( 

 Why Are Indigenous People Dying At The Border?

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