airport research paper

You have been hired as a consultant by a public airport in Mississippi to come in and review its current operations and to recommend changes that will improve the airport’s image, its financial standing, its infrastructure, and its appeal to the local community.

Choose an airport in Mississippi and conduct a thorough review of the airport; to include its history, current political makeup, runway lengths and sizes along with associated lighting and navigational equipment if available, services available on the field, the number of aircraft based at the airport, the number of businesses located at the airport, operating budget, number of annual aircraft operations and any other information pertinent to the airport. You will also review the local community to learn about its current status; whether it is growing or in decline, whether businesses are opening or closing, the rating and conditions of local schools, the main economic base for the community, and any other viable information about the community.

Each individual must write an APA style 3-5 research paper of your findings, recommendations, and any other applicable information. This should include a title page, abstract page, 3-5 pages of research, and a reference page. (Remember to cite your sources throughout the paper.)

Airport is Hawkins Field

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