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Write a program that receives a list of doubles through its command line, and finds the maximum double number. Requirements:

The program needs to check each input. After validation, it reports incorrect inputs to the user. Each correct input must be converted into a Double object using Double wrapper class. After that, the Double object must be stored in a vector. Now, you have a vector which includes all valid user inputs. Using a for loop, go through all the elements of the vector to find the maximum number and report the maximum number to the user as program output. Steps:

1. Loop through all the elements of args string array.

2. For each string, call the convertToDouble method to convert the string into a Double object. The converter method throws a NumberFormatException exception if it fails in the conversion process.

3. The call from the main method to convertToDouble method must be placed within a try-catch block. To report the appropriate error message to the user, the error output message must be placed in catch section.

try{ doubleValuesVector.add(convertToDouble(…)); } catch (NumberFormatException e){ … }

4. Loop through all the elements of the vector.

5. Find the maximum element.

6. Report the maximum number to the user.

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