8 1 discussion final project review

Your final project is complete. In this discussion thread, reflect on this project by answering the following questions:

  • What do you think you did well in the project?
  • What was the most difficult aspect of the project for you and why?
  • How did the project help you tie the course material together?
  • How might you use what you learned from this project in the future in your present or anticipated job?

Respond to the discussion posts of at least two peers. Consider reviewing their thoughts and stating why your assessment is similar or different from the students that you respond to.

Share personal or professional opinions or use outside resources to illustrate your opinion.

Peer post 1

For my final project I chose to write about scenario #3. This is a typical scenario that we hear about if law enforcement, “what would you do if your partner did this”? Like I have been stressing all semester long, an officer’s integrity is one of their most important tools. Once they lose their integrity, they should just find a new job. In my final project I think I did a very good job of describing why the junior officer involved needed to tell his boss what had happened and why. When it comes to the most difficult part, I would say the fact that the junior officer needs to tell his boss. In law enforcement its hard to gain the trust of the people you work with. They rely on you to have their back no matter what and make sure you both go home and the end of your tour. Once you tell on that partner and other people find out and don’t agree with it, it may be hard to recover from this. The one positive is the young officer displays that he has great integrity and he also has many years on the job to prove himself again. I was able to use the course material to describe why ethics has been important in law enforcement for countless years. I will use what I learned in this course in my current profession and display how your integrity is extremely important.

peer post 2

When I was working on the project, I feel particularly confident about how I handled society’s role in the development of law and explaining the relationship between morality and ethics. I was able to pull from external sources for examples and I feel it came together nicely.

The most difficult part of the project for me was describing society’s impact on the ethical guidelines in law enforcement and when their views change. I couldn’t find specific examples to use that I feel were great quality for this assignment and I hope my grade doesn’t suffer from it.

The project helped me to go back to other sources from previous assignments and readings and better my understanding of the different topics covered. As I was reading the current week’s material, I was able to use prior resources to better understand the work as a whole.

I plan on being a legal assistant so, I’ll need to make sure that I respect the law firm’s ethical guidelines, understand how law enforcement interacts with attorneys while I maintain my own morals.

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