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Debate Discussion (last name is h)

For this module week’s discussion, it will be a debate. Students with last names ending in A-M will take the PRO position and those students with last names ending in N-Z will take a CON position on the topic below.

PRO: Leaders are born, not made (nature over nurture).

CON: Leaders are made, not born (nurture over nature).

Here’s What You Need to Do

  1. Post a convincing initial post of your debate position to this discussion forum. Be sure to identify whether you are arguing PRO or CON at the beginning of your post, and ensure you have credible sources to support your position. Remember you want to persuade the reader!
  2. Compare your debate (pro or con stance) to at least one other classical, behavioral, or management science approach. Identify the similarities and how the two approaches can benefit managers in their ability to motivate and lead.
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