11b | Nursing homework help

One of the objectives of this course was to learn to evaluate the  credibility of the information. We started the course by posting a video  about the “Sacred Cows in Practice”. We are ending the course by  playing a game and reflecting on why credible and relevant evidence is  essential for nursing practice. 


  1.  I have a game for you that speaks to current affairs of misinformation/disinformation. Play a game of “Get Bad News 
  •  Links to an external site.“. 
    Spread misinformation and infect as many minds as you can. To get  full credit, you need to get over 5,000 followers and submit a  screenshot with your follower count. 
  • Post a brief video explaining why it is important for nurses to use credible and relevant evidence in clinical practice.
  • Reflect on the Get bad news game and state how will you prevent this from happening in your organization.
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