07.06 | World history homework help


07.06 Genocide

Step 1: Create your memorial below

Make sure to include:

· a title

· five images

· image with caption of cause of Holocaust before 1933

· image with caption of event of the Holocaust between 1933 and 1945

· image with effect of the Holocaust that continued after 1945

Step 2: Write your reflection on the prevention on future genocides below

Consider the two broad decisions at the Evian Conference:

  • Increase the number of refugees they let in to save lives,      which risked German spies coming in and worsening unemployment in their      countries, or keep the refugee quota the same?
  • Send troops to stand up to Germany, risking making      the same mistake as World War I, or continue to use diplomacy?

Make clear in your reflection below if you agree with the decisions of the Evian Conference.

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